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1st HJI International Conference on Peace and Public Leadership: Addressing the Challenges of Our Times

HJI held the 1st International Conference on Peace and Public Leadership: Addressing the Challenges of Our Times on April 11-13, 2024 with distinguish panelists from around the world. All ten sessions scratched the surface of important global issues which HJI hopes to continue adressing to move forward in an effective way. Dr. Thomas Walsh, President, HJI concluded the conference stating “We want to become a conveneing center that brings together leading figures to provide thought leadership, widsom, and insight that can impact the world positively as we work primarily to acheive...

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Faculty Roundtable: Understanding Death, Dying, and Grief

On Tuesday March 23rd, the fourth Virtual Faculty Roundtable of this academic year took place, where Dr. William Selig spoke on the topic “Understanding Death, Dying and Grief.” In addition to his adjunct teaching role at UTS, Professor Selig volunteers at the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in Oakland, CA as a board-certified chaplain, and is Communications Director for Universal Peace Federation International, and Advisor of the End-of-Life Ministry for Family Federation for World Peace and Unification-North America. “[Death, dying and grief] is a really important topic,” Selig said....

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Many people face adversity in their lives, UTS alumni included. The formation of faith at UTS can help the graduates face adversity, if and when it comes.There may be periods when our lives seem to go along with little to no difficulty. But periods of good health can end, and misfortunes arrive. Some people face adversity, and complain and become bitter. Greg Davis (UTS’89) stood on his foundation of faith and hope and found a way to deal with misfortune and became a light for others too. DEER PARK, L.I. – Mobility is a wonderful thing, when you’ve got it. It represents freedom...

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